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Utilizing Technology with Diverse Learners

3 Inservice Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Jennifer Crispo  February 1-28, June 1-28

Teaching in a diverse classroom filled with students with unique needs can be a challenging task for any educator.  Differentiation is necessary, however, it can be a time consuming task.  New advances in technology have opened new doors for educators by allowing differentiation to be at our fingertips.  The challenging task is sifting through all the resources on the web to see what programs truly meet our students’ needs.  In this class you find the most innovative, useful, and user friendly tools that help educators differentiate instruction for a multitude of diverse learners.  This course includes exploration into IPAD applications, google features, interactive digital classrooms, and web resources.  These digital tools will allow educators the opportunity to plan lessons, provide individualized instruction, home, and behavioral support for students with different learning abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, behavioral needs, and for English Language Learners.  Upon completion of this class you will have had the opportunity to research, implement, and create new and motivating digital tools in your own classroom.

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