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University of the Pacific Courses

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​Subject Course Title
PEDC 9001 25 Studnts:Differentiated Inst
PEDC 9002 Online Tools for Every Learner
PEDC 9003 All About CRISS
PEDC 9004 Analyzing Art Online
PEDC 9005 K12 BrainBased Learning Strats
PEDC 9006 Art Explorer
PEDC 9007 Asking Great Questions
PEDC 9008 Assessments Made Easy
PEDC 9009 Blogging for Educators
PEDC 9010 CoTeach:Partnerships that Work
PEDC 9011 Collaborative Learning
PEDC 9012 Common Core Using Technology
PEDC 9013 Creative Bookmaking Techniques
PEDC 9014 Creating Images w/Adobe Photo
PEDC 9015 The Creative Teacher
PEDC 9016 Cultural Wonders Latin America
PEDC 9017 Digital Strytellng Across Curr
PEDC 9018 Museums as a Resouorce
PEDC 9019 Dignity for All Students Act
PEDC 9020 Earning an A on Teacher Evals
PEDC 9021 Ed Choice Award/Webs Best Site
PEDC 9022 Enhncng Curr w/iPhoto & iMovie
PEDC 9024 Everything Picasso
PEDC 9025 Flipping Your Classroom
PEDC 9026 Positive Parent/Tchr Rlship
PEDC 9027 Great American Landscape
PEDC 9028 Great Masters of Art
PEDC 9029 Google Maps in Education
PEDC 9030 Grocery Store Math
PEDC 9031 Hip Hop Culture in the Clssrm
PEDC 9032 The Incredible Classroom
PEDC 9033 Inside Contemporary Art
PEDC 9034 Integrated Lrng/Deep Understdg
PEDC 9035 Intro to Illustrator 4 Edctrs
PEDC 9036 The Makers of History
PEDC 9037 Messages in Art of Latin Amer
PEDC 9038 Mind Design Tools 4 Educators
PEDC 9039 Writing in Math Class
PEDC 9040 Online Archaeologist
PEDC 9041 Out of the Box:Behavior Mod
PEDC 9042 Photography Exposed on the Web
PEDC 9043 PowerPoint Made Powerful
PEDC 9044 The Respectful Classroom
PEDC 9045 Social Problems in Education
PEDC 9046 Socially Networked Classroom
PEDC 9047 Sports Math
PEDC 9048 STEM,Common Core, Comp Tech
PEDC 9049 STEM,Common Cor, Prjct Lrning
PEDC 9050 Surviving the Holocaust
PEDC 9051 Teach Green
PEDC 9052 Teaching Teen & Pre-Teens
PEDC 9053 Thematic Web Ideas
PEDC 9054 The Van Gogh Experience
PEDC 9055 Virtual Renaissance
PEDC 9056 Vid Conference 4 Ed & Admin
PEDC 9057 K-12 Classroom Icebreakers
PEDC 9058 Homework + Assessment Policies
PEDC 9059 Zero Tolerance Bully Prvntion
PEDC 9060 Forensic Science
PEDC 9061 Types of Classroom Discussion
PEDC 9062 ADHD in High Definition
PEDC 9063 Music in the K-12 Classroom
PEDC 9064 Supporting Eng Lang Learners
PEDC 9065 411 on Response to Intervntion
PEDC 9066 Autism:  A-Z
PEDC 9067 Help Students Be Successful
PEDC 9068 SMART Board Made Simple
PEDC 9069 Comm Skills in Today's World
PEDC 9070 Ethics and You in the Classrm
PEDC 9071 Tching Proper String Technique
PEDC 9072 Creative Instrument Rehearsal
PEDC 9073 Motivating Music Students
PEDC 9074 iPad Assessment Methods
PEDC 9075 iPad Presentation Methods
PEDC 9076 SMART Board Adv Studies
PEDC 9077 PowerPoint Advanced Studies
PEDC 9078 Success Students w/ Learn Dis
PEDC 9079 Math Made Simple for Learn Dis
PEDC 9080 Teaching Children w/ Learn Dis
PEDC 9081 The Comprehension Connection
PEDC 9082 Inferences in age Common Core
PEDC 9083 Improving Social Skills
PEDC 9084 Multiple Ways to Teach Words
PEDC 9085 Apps for Google Apps
PEDC 9086 Mobile Learning in the Classrm
PEDC 9087 Google Apps for Beginners
PEDC 9088 Google Apps Intermediate
PEDC 9089 Incorp Cell Phones in Clrsroom
PEDC 9090 Lit Outside English Classroom
PEDC 9091 Beating Test Anxiety
PEDC 9092 Engaging the Disturbed Child
PEDC 9093 Effective Teaching 21st Cent
PEDC 9094 Deconstruct Common Core Math
PEDC 9095 Grammar in a Foreign Lang
PEDC 9096 Note Taking and Study Skills
PEDC 9097 Poets of Latin America
PEDC 9098 Making Math Magical
PEDC 9099 Latin American Novels
PEDC 9100 Vocab in Foreign Lang Class
PEDC 9101 Power of Presentation Tools
PEDC 9102 Solutions for Education Reform
PEDC 9103 Safe Schools/Schools in Crisis
PEDC 9104 Meeting Student Learning Obj
PEDC 9105 Teaching Empathy to Students
PEDC 9106 Engaging Disengaged Learner
PEDC 9107 Nation's Obesity Epidemic
PEDC 9108 Blended Learning
PEDC 9109 Character Education LGBTQ Comm
PEDC 9110 Chemicals in the Classroom
PEDC 9111 Drugs and Alcohol
PEDC 9112 Educating with Character
PEDC 9113 Empowering the Silent Witness
PEDC 9114 HIV and AIDS Update
PEDC 9115 Are GMO's Hurting Children?
PEDC 9116 Nutrition 101
PEDC 9117 Peer-Assisted Teachng/Learnng
PEDC 9118 Student-Centered Environments
PEDC 9119 Surrealism in the Classroom
PEDC 9120 Digntiy, Empathy, & Integrity
PEDC 9121 Welcoming Diversity/Immigrants
PEDC 9122 21st Century Mathematicians in the K-12 Classroom
PEDC 9123 Vocabulary Instruction for 21st Century Learners
PEDC 9124 Effective Strategies to Enhance Students’ Writing Skills
PEDC 9125 Encouraging a Love of Reading through Literature Circles
PEDC 9126 Classified 101
PEDC 9127 Teacher’s Pocket Guide to the IEP
PEDC 9128 All About OCD: A Primer for Teachers
PEDC 9129 All About: Anxiety in School-Age Children
PEDC 9130 Amazing Author Studies
PEDC 9131 Character Education in the Classroom
PEDC 9132 Teaching Across the Curriculum with Children’s Literature
PEDC 9133 Why Can’t We Just Behave? Social Learning Theory in the K-12 Classroom
PEDC 9134 Students as Problem Solvers: Problem-Based Learning in the K-12 Classroom
PEDC 9135 Dynamic Ways to Integrate Differentiated Common Core Reading Instruction LD
PEDC 9136 Interactive Instruction to Improve Speaking and Listening Skills
PEDC 9137 The Story of Music: Exploring Western Music in Relation to History

​PEDC 9138 Fact Checking – Teaching students How to Analyze Information
PEDC 9139 Adult Life 101
PEDC 9140 Google Classroom for Parents
PEDC 9141 Understanding Growth Mindset
PEDC 9142 Innovative Practices in Education
PEDC 9143 QR Codes in the Classroom
PEDC 9144 TPRS: Teaching Proficiency through Reading& Storytelling
PEDC 9145 The Effects of Stress on Student Learning

PEDC 9146 Flipping your Math Class
PEDC 9147 Advanced Photoshop