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The Science Behind Taste and Flavor

3 In-service Credit/ 45 hours Instructor Jason Stevenson April 1-29, August 1-30, December 1-30

Purpose:  If you ever wondered how we perceive taste and flavor the way that we do, this class will allow you to explore the science behind these perceptions.  We will explore topics such as artificial sweeteners and flavors, factors that affect taste, and careers that those who are interested in food science may consider pursuing.  

This course is designed to allow educators to research and learn about the pathway that the items that we consume take when they enter our bodies, how they interact within our bodies, and what leads us to ultimately conclude their taste and flavor.  It’s a process, and by understanding the process we can make connections between the food that we eat and the topics that we teach in class.  There will also be some very tasty hands-on activities that I will ask you to perform and comment on.  A small bag of Jolly ranchers or Lifesavers would be perfect for these activities.  Get ready to enjoy a flavorful experience!    

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