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Analyzing Art Online

APP SMASHING for the Classroom

Blended Learning for Educators

Educators Choice Awards/ The Best Sites on the Web

Using Computers for Productivity

Advanced Photoshop

Best Apps for Boosting your Social Media in the Classroom

Creating Images for Classrooms Using Adobe Photoshop

Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum

Discovering Museums as a Valuable Classroom Resource

Enhancing Your Classroom Curriculum With Iphoto and Imovie

Introduction to Illustrator for Educators

The Socially Networked Classroom

Google Maps in Education

Blogging for Educators

A+ Online Tools for Every Learner: Educators Information Network

Common Core: When to use Technology

Communication Skills in Today’s World

Digital Management and Collaboration in the Classroom

Exploring NGSS and Technology

iPad Assessment Methods

iPad Presentation Methods

PowerPoint Advance Studies

PowerPoint made Powerful

SMARTBoard Advance Studies

SMARTBoard Made Simple

STEM, Common Core and Project Based Learning

STEM, Common Core and using Computer Technology

Videoconferencing for Educators

Apps for Google Apps

BYOD - Mobile Learning in the Classroom

Google Apps for Beginners

Google Apps Intermediate - Apps for Assessment

Incorporating Cell Phones in the Classroom

Media Literacy: Fact Checking- Teaching Students How to Analyze Information and Question Sources of Information in the 21st Century

Flipping Your Ancient Civilizations and Early European History

Flipping Your Early American History Classes

Flipping your Math Class

Game On! Applying Gaming Strategies and Concepts in the Classroom

Google Classroom for Parents

Making Flipping Your Classroom Work for You and Your Students

QR Codes in the Classroom

Photography and Photojournalism Exposed on the Web

Online Archaeologist

STOP Using Powerpoint! Creating Engaging Presentations  

Unleashing the Power of Presentation Tools

Utilizing Technology with Diverse Learners

Virtual Renaissance