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PEDC 9071 Teaching String Technique
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Laura Ruotolo  December 1-30, February 1-28, August 1-30
University of the Pacific

This course provides music teachers who teach strings with teaching tips and a review of string technique. String students will thrive and excel in music when they are taught proper posture, bow hold, left hand position, instrument position, bow stroke, shifting, and vibrato. Music teachers will navigate through websites that focus on string technique, create lesson plans, write reflective essays, and create Power Point slide shows. Teachers will share and reflect upon their string technique strategies and learn new ways to teach their students technique. This course is appropriate for the Arts grades K-12.  

From taking this course, educators will gain ideas about how to implement the Common Core Standards when teaching string technique.  Teachers will create assignments that require the use of internet based resources to research proper string technique and relate to the student’s study of music in school.  Teachers will create lesson plans that include the specific ways the Common Core Standards will be implemented in the classroom. This course is appropriate for the Arts grades K-12. 

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