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Supporting the Communication Struggles of ELL Students

3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Sandy Catapano July 1-30,  November 1-30, May 1-30

English Language Learners (ELL) are the fastest-growing student population group. According to an NEA Policy Brief, by 2025 nearly 25 percent of students in public schools will be English Language Learners. With such a dramatic increase, it is imperative that educators in all areas understand and adequately address the struggles of ELL students. ELL’s struggle academically for many different reasons. When students struggle in the classroom it can lead to a lack of motivation and poor communication. The wide range of academic levels also poses many challenges for educators to effectively prepare lesson and integrate activities that are most appropriate for a wide range of students. Through this course you will learn a variety of strategies and ways to best support the communication struggles ELL’s face in your class setting. This course is open to Pre-K - 12 teachers, reading teachers, ELL teachers, support staff, and special education teachers.