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PEDC 9049  STEM, Common Core and Project Based Learning and Next Generation Standards
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 Hours Instructor Stacey Robert Lazarus June 1-28, August 1-30, October 1-30
University of the Pacific

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It is great when main themes tie into one another and help build an even stronger curriculum. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics)addresses concerns that the subjects are often taught in isolation. Project Based Learning makes learning more interactive and increase critical thinking. This course will show how using Project Based Learning will increase your ability to have these courses “go together” and increase your skills in teaching these subjects. Both you and your students will benefit. Help them be successful for those jobs that are not even created yet. STEM and PBL have been around, and here is your chance to see how the Next Generation Standards and Common Core helps put them into the curriculum in an even stronger light. Participants will look at what makes up these instructional methods and create several complete lessons so they can put them immediately into practice. This class is appropriate for all educators N-12, Math, Science, and Special Education.

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