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Creative Teacher Education Institute provides online teacher professional development courses, educators trust nationwide for academic advancement.  

Special Education:

10 Things to Know about Depression in Children and Adolescents 

The 411 on Response to Intervention

Actively Engaging the Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed Child  

All About OCD: A Primer for Educators

All About Anxiety in School-age Children

All About Mental Health Issues

All About School Refusal

All Behavior is Functional: functions of behavior and how to increase participation and manage misbehavior

Childen and Depression

Classified 101

Educators Guide to Tourette Syndrome

Encouraging the Well-Being of our Students Through Empathy, Mindfulness, and Social/Emotional Learning

Executive Functioning: The Conductor of our Lives

Learning Disabilities and Beyond

PEDC 9001  25 Students, 25 Lessons?  Is this the case? Differentiated Instruction for Today's Diverse Learner

ABC'S of Effective Mainstreaming and Inclusion

ABC's of Working Effectively with a Challenging Parent

PEDC 9062  ADHD: In HD  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: in High Definition  

Adult Life 101

All About Anxiety in School- Age Children
All About Dyslexia

 PEDC 9066  Autism: A to Z 
PEDC 9010  CoTeaching- Partnerships that Work 
PEDC 9011  Collaborative Learning: Students Working Together

Communication Skills in Today's World

The Comprehension Connection: Strategies to Teach Reading and Listening Comprehension Skills in the Classroom (K-12, Special Education)

Math Made Simple for Students with Learning Disabilties

Utilizing Technology with Diverse Learners