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Creative Teacher Education Institute provides online teacher professional development courses, educators trust nationwide for academic advancement.  

Commitment to Service
The purpose of The Creative Teacher Education Institute is to provide high quality standards based professional development courses through online training services to certified teachers for teacher training and continuing teacher educational services.  Our intent is provide effective and engaging virtual learning environments for teachers to integrate in their classroom based upon Common Core Learning Standards of Curriculum Instruction, Instructional Technology and National Educational Technology Standards.   Students will have a mandated 45 hours of online class time to complete all courses assignments for submission.  Students can apply course credit for their professional advancement upon school district approval. All instructors are highly qualified NYS certified teachers working in the field of education.  We are NYS incorporated institution and follow these criterion:  


                        1. The Creative Education Institute is committed to provide the best practice for planning your distance education.  We feel there is a greater need for distance education to reach teachers in their classroom. We write and facilitate real lessons that can be effectively used every day for your curriculum needs. We are a NYSED Approved CTLE Sponsor and offer In-service Professional Development Units and Graduate Level Professional Development Units in partnership with the University of the Pacific accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  These professional development experiences are based upon models from organizations we belong to such as the National Staff Development Council/ Learning Forward, The New York Staff Development Council/ NYS Learning Forward, and The New York State Council for Computers and Technology in Education, Common Core State Standards and NYSED models for educators.  We are also members of NYSUT, NEA, AFT, and Teachers without Borders.  We feel it is important to connect to educators on the local and global network.

                        2. Moodle Classrooms are the vehicle for courses to be facilitated and for students to communicate with classmates and instructors. This is an online web-hosted classroom that can be monitored for quality instruction and assignment review. Documents of various formats are uploaded for instructor submission. Communication systems are also and integral part of this open source software.  We are part of the Moodle community and participate in their network of educational professionals. 

                        3. Our faculty members are highly trained NYS Permanently Certified Teachers working in NYS classrooms every day. They support the development and instruction of online courses, including the pedagogical and communication strategies to function in a virtual learning environment effectively. Faculty members are experts in their area of education and in the area of technology to lend extensive students support and academic advancement in the P-12 educational community.    


                        1. Learners must complete all required assignments and online class time of 45 hours to receive 3 Graduate Level Professional Development Units or 3 In-service Continuing Education units to receive official duplicate certificates with our NYS approved seal issued in student compliance to Common Core goals. Students who receive Graduate Level Professional Development Units will receive a grade report from the University of the Pacific.  Students can in turn request an official transcript from the University of the Pacific to request official transcripts for their course work. 

  • All students must complete 45 hours of online class time for the required completion of their registered course to receive credit validated by the course instructor.  In-service courses are assesses on a pass/fail basis.  Graduate course are assessed with an academic letter grade rubric available on each course web site.

  • All assignments will take 4 and ½ hours of classroom time per assignment to complete the minimum of ten assignments.  This includes data driven research based on Internet resources, articles, books, instructor driven lesson plans, video, pod casting, slideshows, or other media that is pertinent to the course.

  • Format for all assignments will be provided by each instructor on the course website.  Students will have access to the instructor through Moodle, the Forum, chat rooms, wikis, video conference, and e-mail. In-service and Graduate Level acceptable format is posted on each course site.

  • Students will upload all documents to Moodle. Student assignments can be available to administrators upon prior request. Student activity reports can also be available upon request.  All students will contribute to weekly forums and discussion boards.

  • Students will be required to participate in the classroom forum one time per week.  A course hours log is available for students to download at www.creativeteachered.org.  This log can be verified by the course instructor and submitted to administrators upon request.

  • All course offerings are based upon a published timeline provided in our website and downloadable catalog.  Students must satisfy requirements during this time period.

                        2. The Creative Teacher Education Institute provides distance learners with adequate academic and administrative support, including academic advisement, technical support and information services.  Students can access these support services through our website or by contacting creativeteachered@gmail.com.

                        3. Registration is available to distance students through secure online access and mail in registration forms.  Students may access these services on our website.

                        4. Training orientation opportunities and resources are available for students on our website and when they register for a course.  Technolgy support and student personal student communication is also provided by CTEI.


                        1. The technological tools used in the program are appropriate for the content and intended learning outcomes. The best practice for networking information to students is our focus of design. The latest version of Moodle open source software provides for appropriate and flexible interaction between faculty and students.
                        2. Our Institution’s learning design is based upon high academic Common Core State Standards and academic requirements and are applied to all of you distance learning experiences. Instructor design and materials are based on NYSED approved curriculum, pedagogy, methods and practice. Common Core State Standards are integrated into all lesson designs and curriculum based on current NYS models, initiatives and data driven studies that promote student success and achievement.
                     3. Graduate Level Professional Development Units:

University of the Pacific: 

Graduate Level Professional Development Units are awarded for successful completion of coursework. These courses will be listed on a University transcript for academic credit. Designed exclusively to meet the needs of educators and administrators for professional upgrading and salary advancement, these credits are not applicable to any degree program at University of Pacific, but may be transferable to another college upon approval. District approval is recommended before enrolling as tuition is non-refundable. Students enrolled for graduate level credit receive a university transcript for academic credit after the end date of the course.

                        4. In-Service Professional Development Units 

In-Service Professional Development Units are awarded for successful completion of coursework.You will receive duplicate official certificates of completion proved by CTEI. In-service courses are designed exclusively to meet the needs of educators and administrators for academic advancement, these professional development hours are not applicable to a degree program. District approval is recommended before enrolling as tuition is non-refundable. Students do not receive a university transcript when enrolled for in-service credit.  Students receive duplicate certificates of completion for professional development after the end date of the course.


                        1. The Creative Teacher Education Institute assures their students that our distance learning programs are expected to produce the same learning outcomes as comparable classroom-based programs. We identify the learning outcomes based upon terms of knowledge, skills, philosophies, research and effective lesson planning.  Our methods will increase student achievement to meet state and local school district initiatives.

                        2. Course Instructors will assess student learning has occurred in this program and are appropriate to the content, learning design, technologies, and characteristics of the learners.

                        3. Instructors will verify that students are doing their own work through assignment follow-ups, the forum, video, e-mail contact with the students.  Students must cite all resources used when writing assignments. Course materials and assignments will be object to change to avoid plagiarism.   


                        1. We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the distance learning program on a regular basis.  Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the institution and instructor at the end of each course.

                        2. Surveys and discussion boards will be the evaluation tool to monitor student, instructor and institution effectiveness.  

                        3. The evaluation results will be used for continuous program growth. Our mission is to provide teachers with the framework for successful professional development experiences that will enhance student academic achievement, inspire teachers to be educational leaders and creative instructors in dedication to a life-long career in education. 

                        4. Furthermore, any administrator may request further documentation regarding programs offered through the Creative Teacher Institute Inc.