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Seeing Science through the Lens of a Child
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Jason Stevenson January 3-30, March 1-30, May 1-30, September 1-29 
This class will help educators find ways to spark and reinforce students’ interest in science by creating an engaging learning environment filled with activities that are relevant to the students’ interest.  Let’s work together to show students that even at their age, they can make important contributions to the field.  We will open the eyes of the students we teach to the many opportunities that are available to them while always keeping student interest in mind.People have the natural tendency to want to know how things work, and why things appear the way that they do.  “Why?” is the most common question that a child asks, so let’s help students realize that they have many of the technologies and resources necessary to explore their own questions.  This course will focus on how students can utilize what they learn in class and apply them to solving real life everyday problems. Another focus of this course would be for educators to explain to students that although we study and put focus on scientists that made important historical contributions to the field, science is an emerging field with many people, some even the same age as the students we teach, that are solving some of today’s most challenging problems.  Now let’s work in a collaborative effort to reinforce the imagination of a child, and show them how they can use it to make positive and lifelong contributions to society.  

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