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Everyone Can Do Read-Alouds! 
3 In-service Credits Instructor: Lauren Squires August 1-30

This coarse will teach all grade level teachers, K-12, how to incorporate read-alouds into their classrooms! Although often overlooked, read-alouds are a great way to get even middle school and high school students hooked on books. Reggie Routman was quoted as saying, "Reading aloud is a powerful technique for promoting story enjoyment and literature appreciation and noting what authors do in the writing process so that students can make similar choices for themselves." Reading to students is one of the most important teaching opportunities of a school day! Through read-alouds, a teacher has the opportunity to model how good readers read and how good writing sounds, as well as, pointing out foreshadowing, effective diction and syntax. Students taking this class will leave having a complete understanding of what a read-aloud is and the benefits it has on reading and writing. We will explore the internet, find various books and create lessons that will be taken back to your own classrooms. Technology and interactive ideas will also be learned and shared. So let's explore and read-aloud!

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