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Pedagogy/ Character Education:

10 Things to Know about Depression in Children and Adolescents 

25 Students, 25 lessons?

180 Wired and unwired ideas

A + Online tools for every learner: educators information network

ABC’S of classroom management and organization

ABC’S of working effectively with the challenging parent

Adult Life 101: Helping Students Become Successful Adults by Teaching Real-life Skills in the Classroom

All About CRISS!

All About School Refusal

All Behavior is Functional: functions of behavior and how to increase participation and manage misbehavior

Apps for Google Apps - Increasing Productivity and Creativity

Be the Spark!: Using Passion Projects to Inspire Students

Best Apps for Boosting Your Educational Social Media

Beyond Academics - Bringing Concepts from Positive Psychology into Schools 

3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Malka Isamch Ph.D. March 1-30

Blended Learning for Educators

Blogging for Educators

Building Tolerance While Having Fun in the Multicultural Classroom

Building Positive Relationships with English-Language Learners

Bullying: Everyone’s Problem

BYOD - Mobile Learning in the Classroom

Character Education in the Classroom

Character Education & the LGBTQ Community

Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Co Teaching- Partnerships that Work

Common Core- Guiding Students to Become Self-Directed Learners

Common Core: When to Use Technology

Communication Skills in Today’s World

Crash! Bam! Boom! Teaching Science, Math, Writing, and More Using Superheroes

Creating Meaningful Summer Experiences for Students

The Creative Teacher

DASA: Dignity for All Students Act

Dynamics of Conflict

Earning an “A” on Teacher Evaluations: Tips for Today’s Professional Educator

Educating with Character

Empowering the Silent Witness

Encouraging the Well-Being of our Students Through Empathy, Mindfulness, and Social/Emotional Learning

Ethics and You in the Classroom

Flipping Your Classroom: Making it Work for You and Your Students

“Getting To Parents Before They Get To You” / Fostering Positive Parent/Teacher Relationships

Google Classrooms for Parents: Using Google Classrooms to Empower and Help Parents

The Impact of Stereotyping and Labeling

Innovative Practices in Education

Keeping our students and staff safe

Let's Group Up! Engaging Students in Learning

Mind Your Manners: Teaching Students to Use Proper Etiquette

Motivating Students with Growth Mindset

Out of the Box Behavior Modification

Peer Teaching and Learning

Positive Behavior Intervention Program: K-12

Problem-solving Instruction: Strategies for Teaching Problem-Solving in a Learner-Centered Classroom 

QR Codes in the Classroom

Safe Schools and Schools in Crisis: What is your Plan?

Social Problems in Education

Students as Problem Solvers: Problem-Based Learning in the K-12 Classroom

Supporting the English Language Learner: Strategies that Work

Supporting the Communication Struggles of ELL Students

Supporting the Reading Struggles of ELL

Surviving Education in this Day and Age

Teaching and Learning in the Age of Distraction

Teaching Dignity, Integrity and Empathy to all Students

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

The Respectful Classroom

The Incredible Classroom

Tips for Teaching Preteens and Teens

Today a Reader/ Tomorrow a Leader/ Learning to Implement Guiding Reading Strategies

Trauma and Children: Its Impact on Learning and Social Growth

Utilizing Technology with Diverse Learners

Warm Up the K-12 Classroom with Icebreakers

Welcoming Diversity and Including Immigrant Students in your K-12 Classroom

When Students are in Crisis

Why Can’t We Just Behave? Social Learning Theory in the K-12 Classroom

Why Should We Care?  Teaching Empathy to Students

Zero Tolerance Bully Prevention