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NYC Educators P Credit: STEP 1 Select your Course

The following courses are approved through ASPDP for NYC Educators to receive P Credit: 3 P Credits/ 36 hours 
You must register with ASPDP on their web site first for a fee of 125.00 and then make a payment for 200.00 with The Creative Teacher Education Institute before the start date of of the course or you will not be permitted to enroll. P Credit is exclusively for NYC Educators, please do not register for this credit if do not have a NYC School District email address. Please add the date as published on the ASPDP website for your Spring course. Click on the link below to register and make payment. 


You must register with the ASPDP prior to the registration deadline, the day before a course begins or you cannot register for the course:

To be eligible for NYC DOE P-credits for these courses, participants must register and pay an ASPDP fee directly through ASPDP. Participants must visit http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/ASPDP to complete the registration, where participants can either create an account or log on to their existing ASPDP account, then visit the course catalog to find and enroll in the course. Any participant who does not complete this enrollment process on the ASPDP website by the registration deadline will not be eligible for P-credits. Please email ASPDP at ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov should you need more information.

Spring Courses 2018

Adult Life 101: Helping Students Become Successful Adults: Teaching Real-life Skills in the Classroom

April 1- April 30

Registration Deadline: March 31

Amazing Anchor Chart Ideas

Session 1: February 5- March 5, Session 2: April 1- April 30

Registration Deadline: Session 1 February 14, Session 2 March 31  Please note you may only register for one session.

Analyzing Art Online 

​February 5- March 5

Registration Deadline: February 4

Beat Test Anxiety

February 5- March 5

Registration Deadline: February 4

Collaborative Learning: Students Working Together

May 1- May 30

​Registration Deadline: April 30

Dynamic Ways to Integrate Differentiated Common Core Reading Instruction into Science, Social Studies,

and Writing for Students w/ Learning Disabilities

April 1- April 30

Registration Deadline: March 31 

Fact Checking- Teaching Students How to Analyze Information and Question Sources of Information in the 21st Century

​March 1- March 30

February 28

Fostering Reading and Writing Success for Students with Learning Disabilities 

February 5- March 5

Registration Deadline: February 4

Google Classrooms for Parents: Using Google Classrooms to Empower and Help Parents

​April 1- April 30

Registration Deadline: March 31 open

Grocery Store Math 

​May 1- May 30

Registration Deadline: April 29 open

Math Made Simple for Students With Learning Disabilities

​May 1- May 30

Registration Deadline: April 30 open

The Messages in the Art of Latin America

February 5- March 5

Registration Deadline: February 4​

Stategies to Enage Students through Movement

​April 1- April 30

March 31

Surrealism: Exploring the Marvelous in the Classroom

March 1- March 30

Registration Deadline: April 30 open

Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities in New and Creative Ways 

March 1- March 30

Registration Deadline: February 28

What's For Homework: Making Homework and Assessment Policies That Make Sense

March 1- March 30

​February 28


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