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Today a Reader/Tomorrow a Leader/ Learning To Implement Guiding Reading Strategies 
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Theresa Di Michele October 1-30, November 1-30, February 1-28, August 1-30

This course is designed for today's teachers who are grappling with the question of how to reach struggling readers. While there are no quick fixes, thousands of teachers are combining the principles of differentiated instruction and guided reading with unparalleled success. Mixed in the right proportion, these popular strategies will help you build a balanced literary framework that gets results with even the most challenged learners.

Differentiated instruction tactics will help you understand how your students learn so you can teach in a way that makes sense to them. When you apply those tactics within the guided reading framework, which helps you lead students through new ways of approaching text, great things start to happen. The result is a classroom full of students who are able to negotiate increasingly challenging texts with unprecedented fluency.

This course is critical for today's educators, who often have to teach on the run with limited resources and unlimited demands on their time. Get ready to reach your readers with ease in no time flat! At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
o    The teacher will guide small groups of students in the reading of texts at their level.
o    The teacher will have a clear purpose for reading and a direct teaching of skills (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
o    The teacher will help students develop attitudes and habits about literacy and learning that will last a lifetime.
o    But most importantly the teacher will inspire students that TODAY A READER – TOMMORROW A LEADER.