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Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum
Instructor: Jenni Slater 3 In-service Credits/ 45 Hours February 1-28, November 1-30, June 1-28

With today’s rigorous requirements of the Common Core, our students are not often given the chance to have fun or show their creativity while learning material. Through this course, we will create a variety of lessons which focus on other subjects that or students take in school.  We will find new ways to help students relate foreign languages to their everyday life and interests. Let’s make learning meaningful! You will be asked to turn in assignments which include lesson plans, power point presentations and reflective essays. If you are an educator of grades K-12 in the areas of Foreign Language or ESL this course will help you to better incorporate material from other subjects into your classroom. NYS Standards, student’s assessments, goals and outcomes will be addressed.

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