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PEDC 9138 Teaching Media Literacy: Fact Checking- Teaching Students How to Analyze Information and Question Sources of Information in the 21st Century

3 Graduate Level or In-service/ 45 hours Instructor Valerie Hanley December 1-30

We live in an age of information overload. With new technology being invented every day, people are able to obtain news and information from a wide variety of sources. However, as most adults know and understand, the information that is printed or shared in the media isn’t always true. In this course, participants will learn creative and authentic ways to teach students how to obtain, analyze, and question information sources. This course will allow participants to develop meaningful lessons, activities, and resources to teach students more about information sources. Participants will research and learn how to use different forms of analysis tools in their classrooms to make students more analytical readers. The activities, lessons, and resources gathered in this course will result help improve reading, writing, and listening skills in the classroom.