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Energize Your Social Studies Curriculum 
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Lauren Squires July 1-30

Kids today entertain themselves with YouTube, video games, iPads and various forms of technology, so when you pull out a social studies book to teach do you think they are really listening and excited? Teachers, you need to energize your social studies! In this course you will be introduced to new ways of teaching social studies and making it come to life for your students. By exploring different uses of technology, websites, videos, iPad applications and so much more you will captivate and excite your students during your social studies lessons. In this course you will explore sites, create lessons and materials that are appropriate for your grade level and be able to bring it all back to your classroom. So come explore and see how you can bring your social studies to life and make it cool in school! This course will energize teachers N-12. CCSS will be addressed.

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