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Dynamic Ways to Integrate Differentiated Reading Instruction into Science, Social Studies, and Writing for Students with Learning Disabilities
3 Graduate Level or  In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Jennifer Crispo  February 1-28, April 1-29, June 1-28, November 1-30, December 1-30, August 1-28
Adams State University 20548 - ED 589 

University of the Pacific PEDC 9135

If you want to take a class that immediately engages you, than this is the class for you!  This class provides dynamic activities and strategies that will enhance your classroom by providing creative ways to differentiate and integrate the reading curriculum across all content areas: science, social studies, literature, and writing.  You will learn how to take reading protocols and curriculum and make it work in a classroom of diverse learners.  Upon completion of this class you will have created and researched ready to use lessons, anchor charts, strategies, websites, and technology tools that will help students of all abilities succeed with the new rigorous Next Generation and Common Core standards.  This class addresses grades K-12, and students in the general and special education setting.  It specifically targets all elementary grades, middle and high school literature, writing, science, and social studies classrooms.

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