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Angela D’Amico:

Building Tolerance While Having Fun in the Multicultural Classroom

Bullying: Everyone's Problem

Oh No... Anything but Poetry!!

Alissa Rosenberg:

Creative Ways to Teach Children to Make Inferences in the Age of the Common Core Standards

Embedding Formative Assessment Strategies into the Classroom (k-12, Special Education, Speech Teacher, ELL}

Enhancing Language and Literacy through Photography for the Classroom Teacher

Improving Social Skills and Social Thinking the Classroom and Small Groups

Interactive Instruction to Improve Speaking and Listening Skills in the Age of the Common Core Standards

The Comprehension Connection: Strategies to teach Reading and Listening Comprehension Skills in the Classroom (k-12, Special Education)

Vocabulary Strategies and the ELA Common Core Standards: Multiple Ways to Teach Words

Brigit Di Primo:

Beyond Book Reports

Deconstructing the Common Core Math Modules: Helping Educators infuse the Math Modules into their Everyday Math Lessons

Helping Students Be Successful: Aligning lessons to the New Common Core

Service Learning Projects in the Classroom

Caterina Palimieri:

Motivating Children to Learn Through the Use of Enjoyable Websites for Primary Students

Once Upon a Lesson Plan

Christine Sacco:

Creative Projects

Jason Stevenson:

Answering the Question “Why?” in Science

Seeing Science through the Lens of a Child

The Science Behind Taste and Flavor

Weird Science

Janice McLachlan:

Amazing Author Studies

Analyzing Art Online/ Appreciating Art on the Web

Are You Using Your Brain? / Brain-Based Learning Strategies for the K-12 Classroom

Asking Great Questions

Backwards by Design

Blended Learning for Educators

Character Education in the Classroom

Creative Bookmaking Techniques

Critical Issues and Effective Solutions for Education Reform

Educators Choice Awards/ The Best Sites on the Web

Effective Teaching Ideas for 21st Century Classrooms

Everything Picasso

Great Masters

Inside Contemporary Art

Integrated Learning for Deep Understanding

Mind Design Tools for Educators

Online Archaeologist

Out of the Box Behavior Modification

Peer Assisted Teaching and Learning

Photography and Photojournalism Exposed on the Web

Safe Schools or Schools in Crisis: What is your Plan?

Student-Centered Learning Environments

Students as Problem Solvers: Problem-Based Learning in the K-12 Classroom

Surrealism: Exploring the Marvelous

Surviving the Holocaust

Teach Green

The Creative Teacher

The Great American Landscape

The Incredible Classroom

The Makers of History

The Respectful Classroom

The Van Gogh Experience

Teaching Across the Curriculum with Children’s Literature

Thematic Web Ideas

Tolerance Through Art

Unleashing the Power of Presentation Tools

Virtual Renaissance

Warm Up your K-12 Classroom with Icebreakers

Welcoming Diversity and Including Immigrant Students in your K-12 Classroom

Why Can’t We Just Behave? Social Learning Theory in the K-12 Classroom

Zero Tolerance Bully Prevention

Jennifer Crispo:

Amazing Anchor Chart Ideas

Fostering Reading and Writing Success for Students with Learning Disabilities

Math Made Simple for Students with Learning Disabilities

Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities in New and Creative Ways

Utiilizing Technology for diverse Learners

Jennifer Hair

APP SMASHING for the Classroom

STOP Using Powerpoint! Creating Engaging Presentations

Jenni Slater:

All About CRISS!

Captivating Students with Literature

Collaborative Learning: Students Working Together

Cultural Wonders of Africa

Cultural Wonders of Asia

Cultural Wonders of Europe

Cultural Wonders of Latin America

Focusing on Grammar in a Foreign Language Environment

Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum

Let's Group Up! Engaging Students in Learning

Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom

Poets in Latin America

Social Problems in Education

Strategies that Engage Students through Movement

Teaching Vocabulary in a Foreign Language Classroom

The Messages in Art of Latin America

The Messages in the Art of Europe

TPRS: Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling

Using Themes to Integrate Latin American Novels into the Curriculum

Katie Kleinpeter:

Awesome, Beautiful, New York!

Native American Culture, History and Art

New York State of Mind/ Exploring NYS Museums and Cultural Resources

The Creative World of Ezra Jack Keats

The Creative World of Maurice Sendak

Laurie Thode:

ABC's of Classroom Management and Organization

ABC's of Mainstreaming and Inclusion

ABC's of Working Effectively with the Challenging Parent

Common Core: Helping Students Become Self-Directed Learners

Genetics and Environmental Impacts on Cognitive Learning

Learning Disabilities and Beyond

Positive Behavior Intervention Program: K-12

Surviving Education in this Day and Age

Understanding and Working with the Resistant Student

Using Computers for Productivity

Lauren Porter:

ADHD in HD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in High Definition

Autism A to Z

Executive Functioning: The Conductor of Our Lives

Trauma and Children: Its Impact on Learning and Social Growth

Laura Riekert:

Around the World in 180 Days

Children's Literature for All Teachers

You’re a Character!

Lauren Squires:

Energize Your Science Curriculum

Energize Your Social Studies Curriculum

Everyone Can Do Read-Alouds

Met Any Good Authors Lately?

Nutrition Revolution

Laura Ruotolo:

Exploring Repertoire for Band

Exploring Repertoire for Orchestra

Integrating Music in the K-12 Classroom

Motivating Music Students

Teaching String Technique

The Creative Instrumental Rehearsal

The Story of Music: Exploring Western Music in Relation to History

Why Should We Care? Teaching Empathy to Students

​Malka Ismach:

Beyond Academics - Bringing Concepts from Positive Psychology into Schools

10 Things to Know about Depression in Children and Adolescents 

Meredith Starr:

Advanced Photoshop

Best Apps for Boosting your Social Media in the Classroom

Creating Images for Classrooms Using Adobe Photoshop

Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum

Discovering Museums as a Valuable Classroom Resource

Enhancing Your Classroom Curriculum With iPhoto and iMovie

Hip Hop Culture in the Classroom: A Study in Graffiti and Street Art

Introduction to Illustrator for Educators

The Socially Networked Classroom

Melissa Stone:

25 Students, 25 Lessons? Is this the case? Differentiated Instruction for Today's Diverse Learners

Actively Engaging the Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed Child

All About Dyslexia

Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Children with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

Co Teaching- Partnerships that Work

Supporting the English Language Learner: Strategies that Work

The 411 on Response to Intervention

Michelle Rosenoff:

A Guide to Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

A Look At Our Nation's Obesity Epidemic

Character Education & the LGBTQ Community

Chemicals in the Classroom- How to Keep your Students Safe

Drugs and Alcohol- What Every Teacher Needs to Know

HIV and AIDS Update

How are GMO's Hurting your Children?

Motivating Students with Growth Mindset

Nutrition 101

Think Green, Act Green

What is Disordered Eating?

Melissa Grucci:

Classified 101

The Teachers Pocket Guide to IEP's: Getting the IDEA Right

Richard Faber:

Keeping our Students and Staff Safe

Dynamics of Conflict

Educating with Character

Empowering the Silent Witness

Engaging the Disengaged Learner

Growth Mindset

Innovative Practices in Education

Teaching Dignity, Empathy, and Integrity to all Students

The Effect that Stress has on Student Learning

The Impact of Stereotypes and Labeling on Education

When Students are in Crisis

Randi Miller:

All About OCD: a Primer for Educators

All About School Mental Health Issues

All About School Refusal

All About: Anxiety in School-Age Children

All Behavior is Functional: functions of behavior and how to increase participation and manage misbehavior

Educators Guide to Tourette Syndrome

Ryan Donovan:

Financial Literacy

Reading and Writing Mathematics

Sandy Catapano:

21st Century Mathematicians

Building Positive Relationships with English-Language Learners

Counting on Independent Learning Through Math Work Stations

Creating a Positive Math Culture

Creating Text Dependent Questions

Effective Strategies to Enhance Students’ Writing Skills

Encouraging a Love of Reading through Literature Circles

Literacy Stations... Making Centers that Work!

Supporting the Communication Struggles of ELL Students

Supporting the Math Struggles of English Language Learners

Supporting the Reading Struggles of ELL

Vocabulary Instruction for 21st Century Learners

Stacey Robert Lazarus:

Google Maps in Education

Blogging for Educators

A+ Online Tools for Every Learner: Educators Information Network

Common Core: When to use Technology

Communication Skills in Today’s World

DASA: Dignity for All Students Act

Ethics and You in the Classroom

Exploring NGSS and Technology

iPad Assessment Methods

iPad Presentation Methods

PowerPoint Advance Studies

PowerPoint made Powerful

SMARTBoard Advance Studies

SMARTBoard Made Simple

STEM, Common Core and Project Based Learning

STEM, Common Core and using Computer Technology

Shannon Mersand:

Apps for Google Apps

BYOD - Mobile Learning in the Classroom

Google Apps for Beginners

Google Apps Intermediate - Apps for Assessment

Incorporating Cell Phones in the Classroom

Literature outside of the English Classroom

MakerSpace in the Classroom

Tracy Kozloff:

Art Explorer

Theresa DiMichele:

Today a Reader/ Tomorrow a Leader/ Learning to Implement Guided Reading Strategies

Valerie Hanley:

“Getting To Parents Before They Get To You,” Fostering Positive Parent/Teacher Relationships

“What’s for Homework ?”: Making Homework and Assessment Policies That Make Sense

Adult Life 101: Helping Students Become Successful Adults by Teaching Real-life Skills in the Classroom

Be the Spark!: Using Passion Projects to Inspire Students

Beating Test Anxiety: Teaching Strategies to Help Students Become Better Test Takers

Crash! Bam! Boom! Teaching Science, Math, Writing and More Using Superheroes

Creating Meaningful Summer Experiences for Students

Earning an “A” on Teacher Evaluations: Tips for Today’s Professional Educator

Exploring the World of Forensic Science: A Cross-Curricular Approach

Fact Checking- Teaching Students How to Analyze Information and Question Sources of Information in the 21st Century

Flipping Your Ancient Civilizations and Early European History

Flipping Your Early American History Classes

Flipping your Math Class

Game On! Applying Gaming Strategies and Concepts in the Classroom

Giving Students a Voice: Teaching Arguments, Debates, and Other Common Core Standards For Speaking, Listening, and Writing

Google Classroom for Parents

Grocery Store Math

Making Flipping Your Classroom Work for You and Your Students

Making Math A Magical Experience For All

Mind Your Manners: Teaching Students Social Graces and Communication Skills

More Than Just Word Problems: Writing in Math Class

Note-taking and Study Skills 101

Problem-solving Instruction: Strategies for Teaching Problem-Solving in a Learner-Centered Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom

Sports Math

Teaching and Learning in the Age of Distraction

Tips for Teaching Preteens and Teens

Vincenzo La Ruina:

180 Wired and Unwired Ideas

American History Via Comics

Differentiating Writing Through Writers Workshop

Pop Bottle Science

Amy Miller:

​ Encouraging the Well-Being of our Students Through Empathy, Mindfulness, and Social/Emotional Learning