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Creative Teacher Education Institute provides online teacher professional development courses, educators trust nationwide for academic advancement.  

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Professional development courses for teachers are $255.00 for 3 In-service Professional Development Units and 45 hours of online learning for your academic advancement. Graduate level  courses are $495.00 for 3 Graduate Level Professional Development Units in partnership with the University of the Pacific or Adams State University. For courses with Adams State University a payment of 330.00 is paid here on our site and then 165.00 is made payable on Adams State University site. NYC P Credit is offered with our partner the ASPDP for 200.00 to CTEI and 125.00 to ASPDP. Please check with your school district for course approval prior to registration. This is the responsibility of the student according to your district guidelines. We are not responsible for district approval. A course syllabus is available upon request at  customersupport@creativeteachered.org  If you requested mail and did not receive it within 24 hours please check your spam folder.  Please see our  FAQ Page for Credit Information        
We have any Open Enrollment Policy for your convenience. You may continue to enroll in our courses even if the course has already started.  

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