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PEDC 9006 Art Explorer
3 Graduate Level or In-service/ 45 Hours Instructor: Tracy Kozloff  April 1-29, July 1-30, October 1-30, 
University of the Pacific

The Art Explorer online class is designed to take you on an adventure through several art websites. Teachers will reveal art sites that will enable them to integrate these websites, activities, and lessons into their own classes across all curriculum areas. You will also be able to teach your students how to use safe, kid friendly sites as they discover and explore the art world. This course is suitable for teachers, K-12. Common Core State Standards are addressed. This course keeps up with the NYS Common Core Standards by encouraging visual evidence in artwork, creating opinions, helping to develop and reinforce the use of universal vocabulary terms, applicable not only to visual arts but across all disciplines..  Art improves academic achievement such as critical and creative thinking, test scores, and social skills.  These sites allow for discussions and exercise to develop higher level thinking skills including evaluation, analysis, and problem solving.  Interactive sites allow for in-depth discussions with students which build understanding and strengthen students' problem solving skills; they also develop independence as well as collaboration through visual literacy and learning.

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