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APP SMASHING for the Classroom

3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Jennifer Hair  March 1-30, April 1-29, June 1-28

You have iPads. You’ve engaged in training. You are inspired. You are reaching for redefinition on the SAMR scale. Nonetheless, you are overwhelmed. This course will lead the novice/intermediate user into a comfort zone by learning to set realistic expectations.  Creation is the ultimate evidence of learning. This course will explore the many possible avenues for creative student expression made possible with the iPad as well as ways to create a CULTURE of creation in your school or classroom. By combining the power of apps, students can create, collaborate, and curate media into entirely new learning artifacts. During this hands-on session, we will explore a number of smashes using tools such as Explain Everything, Book Creator, Tellagami, YouTube, iMovie and more to push what is possible with iPads and Android tablets.   This course is designed for ALL LEVELS and ALL CURRICULUM including school administrators,  regular and special education teachers (grades K-12 and ages 5 to 21),special area teachers (gym, art, music) school psychologists, school counselors, guidance counselors, social workers, speech and language therapists and pathologists and occupational and physical therapists.