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PEDC 9062  ADHD: In HD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: in High Definition 
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 Hours Instructor: Lauren Porter May 1-30, July 1-30, October 1-30
University of the Pacific
ADHD is a well- known disorder that is prevalent among school age children. There are different types of this disorder and though the disorder’s name indicates the general symptomology, each child who is diagnosed may present differently in the classroom. In this course you will learn the detailed differences between the types of ADHD. This course is designed to fully explain and understand all elements of this disorder. Symptomology will be presented, as well as the diagnostic process and the use of pharmacological treatments. It is important for the educator to know how various types of medication are used in the treatment of this disorder and how they are metabolized in the body. Theories of etiology will be explored. Discipline and intervention plans will be discussed. This course will provide teachers with proper behavior and classroom management techniques so that instructional time may be maximized. Having a student with ADHD can be difficult and challenging. Through this course the educator will also gain some insight and strategies to offer parents who are struggling at home with such things as: projects, long term assignments as well as homework. Given the push for integrated classes and the ever-growing prevalence of this disorder, the information in this class would be appropriate for all educators K-12, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, LOTE, ESL, Special Education, Occupational Therapists, the Arts, Physical Education, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers. Common Core Learning Standards are addressed.