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20544 - ED 589 Makerspace in the Classroom or School Library - Instructor: Shannon Mersand -  3 Credit Hours

20545 - ED 589 Literature Outside of the English Classroom - Instructor: Shannon Mersand - 3 Credit Hours.

20547 - ED 589 Creating Images for Classrooms Using Adobe Photoshop - Instructor: Meredith Starr -3 Credit Hours. 

20548 - ED 589 Common Core Reading Instructions/Science, Social Studies & Writing for Studnts w/Learng Disabilities - Instructor: Jennifer Crispo -3 Credit Hours.

20549 - ED 589 Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities in New & Creative Ways -Instructor: Jennifer Crispo -3 Credit Hours.

20550 - ED 589 Math Made Simple for Students with Learning Disabilities -Instructor: Jennifer Crispo -3 Credit Hours

20551 - ED 589 Fostering Reading & Writing Success for Students with Learning Disabilities -Instructor: Jennifer Crispo -3 Credit Hours.

20755 - ED 589 Everything Picasso - Instructor: Janice McLachlan -3 Credit Hours.

20756 - ED 589 The Great American Landscape -Instructor: Janice McLachlan -3 Credit Hours. 

20757 - ED 589 The Van Gogh Experience -Instructor: Janice McLachlan -3 Credit Hours.

20758 - ED 589 Inside Contemporary Art - Instructor: Janice McLachlan - 3 Credit Hours. 

20759 - ED 589 Virtual Renaissance -Instructor: Janice McLachlan - 3 Credit Hours.