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PEDC 9002 A+ Online Tools for Every Learner: Educators Information Network 
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Stacey Robert Lazarus September 1-29,  October 1-30, March 1-30, July 1-30,
University of the Pacific

This is a must see course for every educator! Would you like to benefit your instruction to fit the needs of the new CCSS 21st Century demands in technology and information integration to create lasting relevant academic connections for every learner in your classroom? If the answer is yes, this is the course for you! Networking is an essential part of Professional Development that all teachers need to keep current their teaching career. This course will teach any educator to set up their own Professional Learning Network to make collecting important information fun and easy. These networks send you information on subjects you are interested in, such as RSS Readers, which is similar to a customized personal newspaper. Another Web 2.0 tool in your Network is social bookmarking. Diigo, an example, is where you can receive bookmarks from other teachers that relate to what you are teaching. The course is divided into three portions. 1-Connecting (acquiring information by having information sent to you) programs used are: RSS Readers, Informative Blogs, iTunesU, Open Courseware, Delicious, Diigo,Symbaloo,assorted Search Engines, Google Forms/Survey Monkey, and assorted Newspapers and Museums. 2-Collaborating (working together on project and peer review of work) programs used are: Notaland, Google Docs, Zoho, Voicethread, TitanPad, DabbleBoard, assorted Wikis, CoSketch, Mindmeister, Stixy (Wallwisher, Lino.it) and Flockdraw. 3-Contributing (sharing your information with others through online presentation) programs used are: Slideshare, Slideboom, Present.me, Scrapblog, Museumbox, Calameo, Issuu, assorted Infographics, Vuvox, Zooburst and Storybird. These three categories are important 21st century information fluency skills. Included in the course is how to find similar applications if these are discontinued. This class is appropriate for all educators N-12, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, LOTE, ESL, Special Education, the Arts, Physical Education, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers. Beginners are welcome!  Common Core State Standards are addressed.